Let's see if I can fluff up your pillow.

Prince William is second in line to the English throne.


He was filled with anxiety about his wife's return.

That's clever.

He denies that he did it.


This sentence is not a translation. It's the original.


He was exiled to an island for the crime of high treason.

What we ended up learning was that the meat had been contaminated.

In the tourist season, many hotels raise prices.


This matter must be clarified.

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The modern world isn't governed by people, but by ideas.

I wanted to make new friends.

They're 30 minutes behind schedule.


You will banish him.

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You have to believe in yourself.

Marty and I were roommates in college.

I'm a responsible, hardworking, and, above all, professional person.


Any port in a storm.


I saw Tony leave the auditorium.


Are you going to school today?


This will be my last sentence in English.


Who's joking?

Monica couldn't believe that Hunter had actually said that.

My parents should be proud of me.

I'm really going to miss this place.

It took me an hour to learn the poem by heart.

Leslie hasn't bought his ticket yet.

City firms vied with each other to hire the brightest young staff.

We can't protect Gordon.

I hugged her.


What I want for Christmas is for my family to be here with me.

I'll give you what for.

Donovan and Kenn don't live together.

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It seems interesting.

It's a surprise.

I'm just being me.

This is my older brother.

My apartment is near.

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I'm confident that I'll pass the exam.


Kyu stretched out on her beach towel and fell asleep.


That doesn't do us any good, does it?

The other one is no good.

Darrell slept on the floor.

Major refused Darren's offer to help.

I think it's highly unlikely that Elias will be allowed to keep the gold that he found.

Do you agree, Barbra?

I am in deep water.

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He is an angry drunk.

We can't let this happen anymore.

Claude got a head start.

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It's kind of complicated.

Should I bring him with me?

There are a variety of films which delve into such themes.

It is easier to implant a belief into someone about a subject they have not considered, than it is to change a preexisting opinion.

I think I'll walk back.

We've still got a ways to go.

We're ready to leave.


I love this part.

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My teeth ache from the operation.

I would like to go, but I don't have a car.

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny.

When the city was liberated, people lined the streets throwing confetti.

Francisco and Stacey live in the same part of town.

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Elizabeth never seems to have any money on him.

I was about to go out when he called on me.

Your raincoat is purple.

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Maureen didn't remember where he'd put his passport.

Heinz had a key to the room.

I followed the bus.


We go to the cinema to be scared by watching horror movies.

Lincoln ordered that all the slaves in the country should be set free.

I met a friend whom I had not seen for three years.

It's never happened to me.

I can't believe this is really happening to me.


Fresh vegetables contain many nutrients.

More than five-hundred were wounded.

Are you from the neighbourhood?

No one can get in.

The Bridge of No Return separates the two Koreas.

They scanned the spaceship with a probe.

I won't cook for Tolerant.

Building turned into ashes

I just need to get some clothes.

Karen got in the car and started the engine.

You're not going anywhere until your room is clean.


One of the most important things you have to do right now is to carry out the plan.

I thought it was a mistake to go talk to Jeannette about that.

Is it clean?

It's hard to fall asleep on stormy summer nights.

Do you see that man over there?

The professor is familiar with contemporary literature.

To tell the truth, it's a pity that you are just wandering around in the world.

We encountered a lot of difficulties on the expedition.

I can help him.

Kari really wanted to go to Australia.

The boy was searching for the lost key.

Are you ready for more?

I can't afford the time to travel.

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As the demand increases, prices go up.


We three sisters opened a coffee shop.


Rabin's a charmer.

I love to tell stories.

They satisfied their thirst at the spring.


Let me go and buy some bread.

I still haven't found anything.

Jianyun thinks you're lying.

The shop was busy.

I'm really busy, Kazuhiro.


We were outside.

I've lost notion of time.

Is that a no?


I didn't ask you to come back.


Our family has lived here for generations.

Rajarshi goes to school with my daughter.

My children will probably have eaten all the candy by the time I get home.


I don't speak her language.

I can translate only short sentences in German.

I have to give Merril what he wants.

I don't understand why you hang out with her all the time.

"Evan" is the name of Kyle.

Pine furniture is not very popular at the moment.

What made you ask that question?


We don't have any choice.

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All of us, except him, went.

Why don't I take this one?

Why is Mrs. Yamada popular in your school?

It poured down.

I was surprised that Nichael wasn't there.


Jane won't talk about what happened.

The witch hunt has begun.

I think you should think about the future.


Finally, I'm done with this work.

I want those reports on my desk within the hour.

Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.

This place sucks.

I took it for granted that he would win the race.


Do you like historical novels?

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We saw them on TV.

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The company's president makes a conclusion.


My ears are always ringing.


The capital of Mexico is the largest city in Latin America.

We should give Maurice a chance to confess.

That cannot be true.

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Our boss begrudged us even a small raise in pay.

I was tired today.

I didn't know we weren't supposed to do that.


If it had not been for your help, I couldn't have completed the work.

You're welcome to give it a try.

I'm eating cereal.

A rose has thorns on its stem.

I hear a dog barking in the woods.


Atuqtuaq put the blubber into the wooden box.

Ralf will be here any moment.

Just what exactly are you trying to say?